Uzmite samo najbolje od sunca - Gimnastika lica, Seka Zebić

Take only the best of the sun

According to a recent survey conducted by the Cancer Center Columbus from Ohio (USA) shows that the application of protective agents, whose protective factors strength match our skin’s phototype before sun exposure can prevent melanoma, and thus prevent accelerated aging of the skin that occurs when we don’t use protection. Tan skin has always been…

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Daily Facial Care

Regular and thorough cleaning is the basis of daily care. This is the best start of his skin. But in addition to cleaning, the application of plant protection, hydration and recovery, massage is an indispensable part of daily care. I advise you digitopresuru. Massage points face has a double effect. It stimulates blood circulation and…

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Prirodni otrov - eliksir mladosti - Gimnastika lica, Seka Zebić

A Natural “Poison” is the new Elixir of Youth

Almost every one of us desires to be beautiful and science is helping us in the fight against wrinkles and aging by offering a “poison”, an elixir of youth that erases wrinkles. Since the beginning of time, women but also men, were prepared to sacrifice in order to achieve the beauty ideal of the society….

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Svaka bora druga priča - Gimnastika lica, Seka Zebić

Every wrinkle – different story (Part 2)

If you want to discover the secret traits of your friends or immerse into the unknown depths of your own soul, look at the facial lines and focus on the direction in which they spread across certain facial areas. Here is how Metoposcopy interprets Dynamic Expression lines: Horizontal folds on the upper part of the…

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Every wrinkle different story - Face Gymnastics, Seka Zebić

Every wrinkle – different story

Each scar on our skin gives up our thoughts, our sufferings, our character – Jean Guir, psychoanalyst, psychosomatic medicine specialist Wrinkles don’t emerge over night, which is quite a positive thing. They develop gradually, occasionally appearing as surface lines on certain areas, as if they are giving us the heads up on where the deep…

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