Every wrinkle different story - Face Gymnastics, Seka Zebić

Every wrinkle – different story

Each scar on our skin gives up our thoughts, our sufferings, our character – Jean Guir, psychoanalyst, psychosomatic medicine specialist Wrinkles don’t emerge over night, which is quite a positive thing. They develop gradually, occasionally appearing as surface lines on certain areas, as if they are giving us the heads up on where the deep…

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Using stem cells - Face Gymnastics, Seka Zebić

Why do I use stem cells as a treatment in my salon?

Stem cells renew all damaged cells and tissues and therefore I use this treatment very often on people aged 25 and up. I know young people think about the future, often using tanning beds and insufficiently protecting themselves from the harmful sun radiation during summer. As a result, the collagen and elastin production reduces and…

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Stem cells anti-age skin care - Face Gymnastics, Seka Zebić

Stem cells for anti-age skin care

Healthy, active cells which regenerate regularly are essential if you want to retain vitality and youthful skin glow. Ageing combined with external factors cause the cells to regenerate not as often and weaken their activity. As a result of these changes, uneven texture appears along with patches, wrinkles and weakened skin. One of the most…

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What is your skin type - Face Gymnastics, Seka Zebić

What is your skin type?

Most of us are born with a normal skin type but as we age our genetic predispositions and habits greatly impact the skin structure. Natural skin balance can be disturbed and symptoms of aging appear prematurely. There are three basic skin types: normal, oily and dry. Often the skin has features of all three types,…

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Zdrava i lijepa u starijoj dobi - Gimnastika lica, Seka Zebić

Healthy and beautiful at an old age

The desire for a more active and quality life is natural and inborn. But, more than a desire is necessary, it is necessary to do something. It is my wish to point out to you the natural methods, transfer to you my experience with exercises for the facial area which slow down ageing that deprives…

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