Daily Facial Care

Regular and thorough cleaning is the basis of daily care. This is the best start of his skin. But in addition to cleaning, the application of plant protection, hydration and recovery, massage is an indispensable part of daily care. I advise you digitopresuru. Massage points face has a double effect. It stimulates blood circulation and lymph flow, improves the points at which it can improve muscle tension. The result is a stronger and more tense, until recently relaxed, atrophied muscles that have lost their natural strength and elasticity.

The effect of massage will be better and faster visible if the facial use appropriate creams and before the massage cream is applied to cleansed face. I advise you depending on your skin type, for daily use moisturizer and night cream nourishing creams that stimulate the skin regeneration process. In any case, it is important that creams help the skin to retain a sufficient amount of water…


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