NEW BB Glow Treatment

MTS (microneedle therapy system) and BB Glow treatment   What is MTS (microneedle therapy system)? MTS treatment is an effective method for stimulating the natural process of skin regeneration and for better penetration of highly concentrated substances into the deeper layers of skin. The effects are line and scar reduction and hyperpigmentation. Right now, MTS…

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Precious vibrations of crystals

They are transparent, colored, and some of them even colorless but they hide miraculous power. They attract light, reflect it, attract and transmit energy. Each crystal has precise characteristics and it is important to know them as well as to use the extraordinary power concentrated in that little piece of nature. With their powerful and…

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After summer preparation for skin

How to treat your skin after summer and prepare it for autumn: Summer is coming to an end and your skin is dry, dehydrated, tense and you have spotted the first lines or the existing lines have become more visible. It is a mistake to try to keep your skin tanned long after summer. Your…

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Lymphatic drainage by hand

Lymphatic drainage is a form of massage which drains lymph and increases the fluidity speed in the lymphatic system. This means that lymphatic drainage stimulates the circulation of the lymph and enables relaxation because of the easy, but it also removes eventual edema. Lymphatic drainage increases excretion of effusive liquids from the organism which the…

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Detox Intense

The importance of body detoxification and the use of detox skin preparations   Ever since he started working in dermatology, he has been involved with the issue of skin aging. Over the years, he has researched various areas such as special enzymes that are stimulated in the skin by oxidative stress, and are to a…

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