Every wrinkle – different story (Part 2)

If you want to discover the secret traits of your friends or immerse into the unknown depths of your own soul, look at the facial lines and focus on the direction in which they spread across certain facial areas.

Svaka bora druga priča - Gimnastika lica, Seka Zebić

Here is how Metoposcopy interprets Dynamic Expression lines:

  • Horizontal folds on the upper part of the forehead = lack of energy and enthusiasm.
  • Middle of the forehead, close to the eyebrows = fear of affirmation.
  • Bottom = Concentration, thoughtfulness, especially if the eyebrows are not raised.
  • Horizontal and straight wrinkles = thoughtful character.
  • Curved wrinkles = arrogance; curved downwards in the middle = has problems in making decisions…

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