Using Teas in Cosmetic Products

Since the Stone Age until today, people have been using plants for their vitality, health and better appearance. Today’s way of life has led to changes in medical treatments. Faster and easier solutions, like medications for all kinds of illnesses, have appeared. Back to the nature’s gifts – is what has become the topic of…

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What is a face without muscles? Interview for SENSA magazine

Interview with Zebić in SENSA magazine, May 2017. There are several factors important for a fresh and healthy look of the face – genes, nutrition, lifestyle and care – but without the active and maintained muscles the facial skin moves unstoppably down the road. If we practice nursing and molding our body, why not…

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FIT upper arms against the gravity

Author: Seka Zebić “Flags” are the skin of the upper arm that hangs and wanders literally like a flag, every time you raise your arm. Haven’t you seen them? They came up suddenly? Actually not. You’ve only noticed them because you have replaced winter clothing with lighter, spring or summer clothes. If it is…

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