NEW BB Glow Treatment

MTS (microneedle therapy system) and BB Glow treatment


What is MTS (microneedle therapy system)?

MTS treatment is an effective method for stimulating the natural process of skin regeneration and for better penetration of highly concentrated substances into the deeper layers of skin. The effects are line and scar reduction and hyperpigmentation. Right now, MTS is the most effective non-invasive technique with stunning results and the ability for combining it with other rituals inside of the cosmetic salon.

What is BB Glow (nanoneedle therapy system)?

BB Glow is a safe and effective method in which  highly concentrated ingredients are brought into the epidermal part of skin by using nano needling technique. It results in semi-permanent make up and gives the BB cream effect.
This treatment also makes small lines less visible, evens the tan and instantly brings shine to the skin.
The cocktails used in the treatment contain plant extracts and Hyaluronic acid which give skin moisture and stimulate regeneration processes.

How long the BB Glow effect lasts?
Depending on the number of the treatments the effect lasts up until several months. It is necessary to do at least 2 to 3 treatments with a gap of 7 to 14 days.

Application areas?
– extended pores
– circles under eyes
– hyperpigmentation
– spots
– dry skin
– redness
– small lines


The procedure of BB Glow treatment in the cosmetic salon:

  1. Cleansing milk
  2. Face tonic
  3. Peeling, Mandelic Acid 10%
  4. Spray, Sensitive Lavylauricum  – find more.
  5. Exyol SC skin hydrating serum Lavylites – find more.
  6. Nano needling
  7. Spray, Sensitive Lavylaurcium  find more.
  8. Dermawhite ampule, in a color of choice for BB Glow
  9. Apply the product on the skin
  10. BLC mask according to the skin typefind more (active ingredients – vitamine C, avocado, hyaluron, active coil and green tea)Also, it is necessary to use it at home 2 to 3 times a week  to hydrate and nourish the skin and stop redness after Nano Needle. BLC mask is chosen by the skin type and it is a good choice because of its practicality and fast effects. It improves the skin condition and removes its defects without extra applications and washing.
    1. Take off the mask
    2. Spray, Sensitive Lavylaurium – gently massage in the rest of the mask and spray

After this treatment  the skin does not become red and it regenerates fast with new collagen. The skin gets big amounts of vlage which makes it look younger with visible line reduction effect.

13.  Home usage: spray several times a day with Sensitive Lavylauricum. Its functions will start with deep regeneration after 2 to 3 seconds because of the nano substances extracted from plants. Substance vibrations will rise energy in the cells and improve their division.

If we spray Sensitive Lavylauricum Spray in water we drink we get the alcalization in our body and that way we prevent acidity and maintain health and vitality.

The final result is revitalized, even and refreshed skin with healthy and fresh look.

We use BB Glow Treatment in our Beauty Centar Biokozmetika Pet by Seka Zebić