Face Gymnastics – Complete access to 6 videos

45 kn

Full access to 6 videos, anti-aging program for face.
My goal was to see to what extent, and is it possible at all to use nature, face gymnastics and nutrition to slow down ageing and feel good. I believe I have succeeded and achieved that goal. And if I have managed to wake up your curiosity and will to try it as well, then I have succeeded completely. Watch my videos to maintain youthful appearance to your face.
6 video exercises are available for: chin and double chin, cheeks, neck, lips, forehead and eyes.
By purchasing this item you open access to all available video materials in Croatian language with English subtitles.

Important; that not to do 1-2 times a week all the exercises listed and last for a total of 1 hour, but it is enough to choose 2-3 exercises for the eyes, 2-3 exercises for cheeks and so on … and then training lasts cca 15 minutes. Preferably, the change over time of exercise and thus covers all the muscles in the face!

Maintaining the firmness and the volume of the muscles we prevent the appearance of wrinkles because the skin above them stays taut. The exercises improve the circulation, which then amplifies skin vitality. Middle-aged individuals usually already have wrinkles around their eyes and lips, so they can concentrate on the exercises for those areas. Older individuals have a bigger amount of wrinkles over the whole facial area and they should exercise every other day for 15 minutes to improve their state.

Mr.ph. Seka Zebić is an educator for beauty and spa centres for Malu Wilz, THEMAE Paris and Diego Dalla Palma Professional brands. She graduated at the Faculty of Pharmacy and Biochemistry in Zagreb in 1973. She opened her beauty salon in 1977. She expanded her cosmetic and cosmetology work to manufacturing of cosmetic products, and uses her knowledge not only in practical ways but also in education of cosmeticians and dermatologists. Her whole activity was directed towards nature, exploring effects of natural substances and methods. The book and videos “Face and Body Gymnastics – How To Prevent Ageing” is the conformation of that work and its goal is to show how to achieve facelift by gymnastics and slow down the ageing process by natural means. It also shows ways of securing lifelong vitality and youth through an easy but aimed exercising program. I dedicate this book to everyone, to women and men of all ages so that by looking at their reflection in the mirror they could strengthen their self-confidence and will to walk through life confident and happy.