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I have accomplished my life’s vision through original program Gimnastikalica by Seka Zebić. With will and persistence I have escaped surgeries and procedures and my wish is to teach you how to do the same. As an expert I was invited by Lavylites company to conduct a speech about how active substances work on skin and how to regenerate our skin in a fast way.

Why Lavylites?

Their mission is to comes to the final user through  scientists and positive experiences of their clients. They do not invest in commercials but in the circle of satisfied users who will support our scientific work and testing.

Budapest 22.9.2018.

Hotel Hilton Budapest, Hungary, Lavylites 2018


New scientific era of using products containing specific active ingredients in cosmetics

Seka Zebić

The theme of the summit Budapest „Lavylites 2018“ su were biomimetic substances.

Since I have been using products containing biomimetic materials for a long time (Malu Wilz, Diego Dalla Palma, Themae and Nougatine)I have also been testing Lavylites products by famous expert Tibor Jakabović and I got very good results.


The incredible energy can be seen on the pictures as many of us use Lavylites products ourselves.

Before Lavylites meeting in Budapest I was preparing for it at my cosmetic salon. I suggested my clients the treatments and products for skin prone to acne as well as anti-age line. In Budapest during the lecture I showed the pictures of the face before and after the treatment.

The whole lecture is available at Gimnastika lica by Seka Zebić blog.

Tretman aknasta koža- Seka Zebić-Lavylites


In Beauty centre Biokozmetika Pet my clients fight the first signs of ageing. There I mostly do the anti-age treatments and fulfil them with education for Face gym program. Lavylites treatment is a great addition with visible anti-age effects.

Specific oily and combination skin problems are acne which often become inflammated. Lavylite Auricum has shown extraordinary and fast results in dealing with this problem. In cosmetic salon: spray after the cleansing treatment. At home: spray the places with acne and oily parts regularly after the cleaning in the morning and evening.

Ljubljana 20.10.2018.

Hotel Four Points Sheraton, Slovenia, Lavylites 2018

For the lecture about using and the effects of  the Lavylites products I prepared the presentation about the importance of Leon – the cream for area around eyes. I was lead by the years of experience in Beauty centre Biokozmetika Pet and the lifelong project Gimnastika lica (face gymnastics).

Seka Zebić - Gimnastika lica

The whole generation of young people today live pretty messy and do not care about the consequences of that kind of lifestyle. When they decide to take care of their appearance in the older age it is unfortunately too late.

The common causes of skin ageing are stress, polluted air and UV rays, lack of sleep and bad diet. When we add huge amounts of alcohol, sleepless nights, energy drinks, taking opiums and too many vitamins, the damage on our skin and body is almost irrecoverable.

In my salon I tested Leon on the cases with visible damages on the skin around eyes. It showed quick and long lasting results in making the dark circles around eyes less visible and it also helped with lines, swellings and dehydration.

Imagine the results of Lavylites Leon on the skin which is not damaged like this.

Seka Zebić - Lavylites Ljubljana

Stay young forever

Believe me, face gymnastics is the solution for the ages that are coming. It is enough to include it in your daily routine two times a week for 10 to 15 minutes. Along with the face gymnastics it is also good to use high quality natural products for skin care, like Lavylites products.

Lavylites has been on the world market for around ten years and there are more and more people interested in that kind of products, throuh both lectures and usage.

The brand wants to show how active ingredients work on the health of the body. As we are under the bad effects from outside and inside those active ingredients from plant based Lavylites products neutralize bad things that appear on and in skin.

Biomimetične tvari, koje su obuhvaćene u Lavylites preparatima, mijenjaju isto tako genetsku strukturu, tako da upotrebom proizvoda za vanjsku ili unutarnju primjenu, brzo djeluju na otpornost i vitalnost stanica.

A najvažniji put u prevenciji starenja i oštećenja stanica, je neutralizacija prirodnim proizvodima, koji ublažavaju u koži, stresne slobodne radikale.

Biomimetic substances, included in Lavylites products, change the genetic structure and through internal and external use they work fast on the cell’s resistance and vitality.

The fastest way in the prevention of the cell ageing and damages is neutralization by natural products which ease free radicals in skin.

I present the products I use:



Exyol SC



Lavyl are 100% natural products made from more than 300 herbs, nanocrystals, salts, homeopathy etc. Through many years of research, well known Hungarian medical scientist Tibor Jakabovics has managed to make global increase in nano-frequency technology where he discovered extremely small substances. Because of their size and specific molecular structure they can penetrate in cells. This nano effect enables the transport of the information and active substances to the bones for about 3 to 30 seconds. This ability is used in Lavylites products for everyday care.

Tibor Jakabovics is the first person in history who managed to extract and conserve specific frequences of plants, minerals, metals and other substances.

This technology is connected to many well known attributes: Lavylites nanosubstances penetrate in the cell in 3 seconds, and in bone marrow in 2 to 3 minutes after which it works on the whole circulation. It al works on the vibrations level. Our organism recognizes one vibration and it stimulates cell division but only for healthy cells. That is how the self-healing hormone is activated and it eases the pain and works against bacteria, viruses, fungi and many other things.

For more information visit our BLOG; Gimnastika lica by Seka Zebić


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