Detox Intense

The importance of body detoxification and the use of detox skin preparations


Ever since he started working in dermatology, he has been involved with the issue of skin aging. Over the years, he has researched various areas such as special enzymes that are stimulated in the skin by oxidative stress, and are to a great extent responsible for skin aging.

The most important way to prevent skin aging is the neutralization of environmentally induced stresses in the skin, and of the associated free radicals.

Free radicals are molecules that are formed in cells from molecular oxygen as the result of the metabolic process. Their release damages important molecules that are essential for cell function, which accelerates the aging process.

So-called antioxidants have been proven to capture free radicals and render them harmless.

Strong innovative home care products and treatments at SPA centers and cosmetic salons – long-term work and examination by Dr. Oknfels, who now in partnership with MALU WILZ have achieved outstanding results in face and body care.

DETOX INTENSE product line includes professional salon treatment products; Cleansing, Piling, Active Concentrate, Mask, Ampoule and Cream,
and home care products; Cleansing, Tonic, Eye Cream, Daily Cream.

The substances found in the products are the strongest in the fight against all the negative factors that affect our skin.