Happiness Erases Wrinkles! Interview for SENSA magazine

Interview with mr.ph.Seka Zebić in SENSA magazine, August 2017.

Youthful and vital during the seventh decade of life, Seka Zebić, a pharmacist, beautician and the author of the book „How To Stop Aging“ and the owner of the beauty centre „Biokozmetika Pet“  from Zagreb is a real example of how you can preserve your health and beauty by using holistic methods.

What are the most common mistakes women do when it comes to beauty and health?

Prevention! Women make habits of taking care of their body (from face cleaning to body treatments) very late in their life or they do it only occasionally. And then, when their outside looks are ruined, they want to restore them quickly with several treatments. But it is impossible. Also, they start using anti age cosmetic products too late or they buy them without professional help, which is not the best solution. And the situation is the same when it comes to taking care of their health…


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