Using digitopressur massage for better sight, reducing eye edema, headaches and maintaining better energy

Author; Seka Zebić

You can read everything about digitopressur massage and its use in face lifting in the book ”How To Stop Aging” and this is the addition and overview on the ways some identical spots for lifting can also affect our health. This is the reason why we have to think about those spots when doing digitopressur massage in order to have better effects, both for beauty and health.

A – The middle of the chin. Removes stress in the jaw muscles  and maintains better face circulation.
B – The spot between the upper lip and nose. Better flow of the circulation in the brain. Lines are less visible.
C – Niche next to nostrils. Removes fatigue in the eyes. Eyes are shinier. The eye edemas become smaller. Has drainage effects.
D – Spots in the middle of the nose. Makes brain functions better.
E – Spots on the outer corners of the eyes. The sight is better, removes fatigue, beter eye circulation.
F – Spots below the eyebrowe and on the root of the nose. Reduces headaches, maintains the energy flow and reduces stress.
G – Spots on the temples. Better sight and energy flow.
H – Spot above the 3rd eye. Better concentration and relaxation.


For more information on digitopressur massage read the book ”How To Stop Aging” written ba Seka Zebić.