“My Expirience”

When Seka Zebić called me to work with her I accepted with pleasure and without thinking about ih because I believed in the success of face gymnastics. But by accepting this cooperation I also committed myself to regular exercising and seeing how the method works. My optimism decreased a little because of two reasons: the first one was that I believed that there is no solution to my problem and another was the lack of time. Nevertheless, I accepted that obligation, and I do not regret it.

Even though I have taken care of my skin since I was young, during the last ten years my skin type has completely changed. From normal and smooth skin with no blisters it turned into sensitive, sometimes very dry skin. Anti-aging creams are too strong for my skin so I made peace with the fact that I can do nothing to get rid of the wrinkles, especially the ones in the lower part of the face.

Exactly then the face gymnastics was introduced to me. At the beginning I had to force myself to find time for exercising, but those 10 minutes soon became a ritual for relaxation which served as a good preparation for the obligations I had during that day or cooling down at the end of the day.

The results were obvious and realistic. Some days I didn’t practice at all and some days I exercised two times and then my skin became firmer, the wrinkles were less visible, and the color of my skin became brighter. With the face gymnastics I finally found the proper care for my skin – creams for protection and care which are rich in nutrients and moisturize the skin, and exercises for the elasticity and firmness. I am sure that I will continue with it because, unfortunately, we cannot stop aging, but we can reduce its traces on the skin.

I am grateful to Seka Zebić for inviting me to cooperate with her in making this book and for helping me find the right way to deal with the changes that occurred on my skin and showed me that the time flies.

Ms. Mirna Ljubković, Zagreb, 2008 / model for part of the exercises in the book “How to Stop Aging”

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