What is a face without muscles? Interview for SENSA magazine

Interview with mr.ph.Seka Zebić in SENSA magazine, May 2017.

There are several factors important for a fresh and healthy look of the face – genes, nutrition, lifestyle and care – but without the active and maintained muscles the facial skin moves unstoppably down the road. If we practice nursing and molding our body, why not do it for our own face? In the power of face exercises, our partner reveals how to achieve a natural skin lift that does not recognize the actual years in a decade of life.

While practicing yoga or fitness studio we are exercising the body’s muscles so that we can have a beautiful figure, during that time the facial muscles – the ones that most affect our appearance and give the first impression – are automatically thrown to atrophy. We are aware of the benefits of body exercises providing hundreds of body muscles, from the neck to the foot, and ignoring the facial muscles although they can be trained in the same way. Meanwhile, relying on cosmetic products does not work against the relaxation, and there are few who can reduce deeper wrinkles.


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