Biography of the author of the program Face Gymnastics

Seka Zebić graduate of the Master of Pharmacy but her name known in the world of cosmetics since 1977. In addition to keeping beauty salon, Seka Zebić hers career has enriched the production of innovative cosmetic products, devising treatments and practical education of many generations of beauticians and dermatologists. Her whole work is focused on natural solutions, the research and application of natural substances and methods that help to preserve the vitality and beauty. The website is found just that; Face gymnastics that prevents and erases wrinkles, but a number of expert advice in all areas of healthy living, cosmetics and cosmetology.


“The knowledge and experience to women and men, regardless of their age, who want to improve their appearance, health and self-confidence. Looking in the mirror will get an incentive to care about their health and appearance,” says Seka Zebić.


First, a very popular edition of the book “How to stop aging” has seen the second edition, with which she recorded and program video training program of the same name. Beauticians from the region, and beyond, have shown great interest in this program, so that the video training received a translation into English and this product was met with great response beauticians who have mastered the DVD and played in their beauty salons, offering its clients a new and innovative method of interesting women of all ages.


Program Face Gymnastics explains clients use all known in the art recognized methods for skin rejuvenation through a new, interesting and clear to all materials that are easy to manage and are happy to use every day.