AHA and glycolic acid in cosmetology

New treatment for all types and skin problems

Encourage renewal, smoothen wrinkles and skin color, soften stains pigment, moisturize and restore skin elasticity … it’s just part of the known effects of glycolic acid, which is odnendavno used in combination with Idebenone of coenzyme Q10

Thanks to small molecules, glycolic acid rapidly penetrates the skin and in a short time achieved its function peels. Improves the appearance of all skin types and is especially beneficial for dry and dehydrated, Oily and skin with wrinkles and skin with signs of aging such as dark spots, reduced elasticity and vitality. New products and treatments, recently available in our beauty salons, the effect of glycolic acid combined with the effect of idebenone is derived from coenzyme Q10. Effects of glycolic acid and the complement of idebenone; According to research idebenone is very effective in neutralizing free radicals cause damage and aging skin


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